Doubt – Part II


The season is ramping up and games are right around the corner. Every athlete, the closer they get to the season, allows for doubts to start creeping in. “Will I have the season I want?” “Will I get to play everyday?” The questions are always in the forefront of their minds.

This is a great reminder about what we have control over. As parents of athletes, you need to be a safe place for them to share these doubts. Redirect them into what they have control over. Help them create a focus that pulls them out from these places. Attitude, Concentration and Effort. Collin Henderson calls it your ACE.

Coming from an athlete that went through tryouts for 9 straight years of professional baseball, there will always be doubt, but in the end we can be confident that we can rule over this doubt with things we have control over! Be present and focused on doing your very best. It’s more than enough.

Brent Lillibridge

Dream Big,

~ Brent Lillibridge

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