The Reset Button – Part II


Seasons are over and summer is in full swing.

Every October I would come home and reset during a long season. In this time of rest it would always be a time to reset the mind and body. I looked back at the season and developed the plan for how I wanted to improve for next year. It could have been getting stronger, faster, hit sliders more consistently (never figured that one out…ha), or more focus on mindset.

I encourage families and athletes to reset! Ask yourself what can I do today to begin recovering and growing for next year…

Brent Lillibridge

Dream Big, Serve Bigger!
~ Brent Lillibridge


Revisit the original blog post: The Reset Button.

Your Turn

Revisit the original blog post: The Reset Button.

Final Thoughts

” We all get so caught up in the moment of what we’re doing every day, it’s hard to hit that reset button and get pulled away from all that and see life from a different perspective.”

– Tony Stewart, NASCAR Racing Legend

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