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Just Play! Mindset Training Series

JUST LAUNCHED!Courses now being implemented at the Academy and curriculum also available online to all sports organizations at https://basebypros.podia.com. 16 Weeks of Thought Provoking Mental Lessonsto Guide Your Athletic Team’s Training Program Buy Now What percentage of your practice time is focused on individual & team drills? ... More

Body Language – Part II

Commentary We are so worried about what we say when in reality it’s the sound of our voice and more importantly our body language that speaks much louder. If our posture - having our shoulders back and chest out - can affect our own brains, how much more can it affect others' perception of us? Own your space. Everywhere you go, take up space and ... More

Doubt – Part III

Commentary We all experience doubt - wondering if you are good enough to experience success...if all the work you put in is enough. When doubt becomes dangerous is when we let it settle over us.  Conquer this with these three great questions from Collin Henderson’s “Self Talk” Video: When have you had past success? How have you earned the right ... More

E+R=O – Part II

Commentary Response is everything! No matter the event, no matter what happens in the future, we only have control of how we respond. I was by no means perfect in my career and I failed hundreds of times on how I responded. Ignorance is not bliss. Now that you know the truth, it’s time to take control of your response. Knowing it will always affect our ... More


Commentary If I could go back in time and tell my past self about all these amazing tools! Painting the picture of success and having it as part of your daily routine creates successful outcomes. I remember vividly a time in my life where I spent five minutes a day for over a month visualizing my successful day. The results? Winning Minor League Player ... More


Commentary When we reach a certain age, where failure consistently knocks on the door, do we allow the past to shape our future? Ask a 5 year old what they fear...they usually can’t come up with anything -maybe spiders or falling or being away from mom or dad, but nothing about failing or people’s perception or that they aren’t enough. I will go ... More


Commentary These videos from Collin are solid gold! Self-image always stems from a person or situation that began the cycle of negative self-image. Great question to always ask yourself when you are underestimating yourself... "Who told you that?" Go back to the genesis of this image and reject it. In my career I was told hundreds of times that I ... More

Trusting the Process

Commentary Every lesson we ask our athlete’s one of three things: how’s your self talk, what’s been your plan at the plate, or what have you been focusing on in practice (aka your routine). When athletes struggle to come up with immediate answers to these questions, we know their in-game success will be limited. Every athlete has to always ... More

Being Present

Commentary When I had high level success on the field, I was obsessed over the things I had control of: my routine, what I ate, what pitch was I looking for. Even when I had a statically bad game...0-4 maybe...I reflected on these three things: did I stick to my game plan, did I visualize what I wanted to happen, did I give 100 percent effort. If I ... More

Body Language

Commentary Body language is a quick indicator of how a player is feeling and can easily indicate their attitude for that day. What athletes often neglect to connect is that their overall mentality can be influenced by how they carry themselves.Making a conscious effort to portray confident body language can help kickstart an individual in the right ... More