Hitting League

Baseball Hitting Instructions

Regular hitting leagues offer athletes the chance to hit the cage for a little friendly competition with an opportunity to win prizes! It is designed to keep things fun and competitive.

  • ⦿ First 30 minutes Group instruction with BBP
  • ⦿ Teams of 4 compete against each other
  • ⦿ Working to record the most total points
  • ⦿ Points awarded for hitting targets placed at the top of the back nets
  • ⦿ Team with most points earns a win for the week
  • ⦿ Week 4 of the league will be dedicated to tournament play and individual competitions
  • ⦿ Exit Velocity recorded Week One
  • ⦿ Individual scores are tracked throughout program to monitor progress
  • ⦿ Individuals will be placed on to team
  • ⦿ Handicaps for teams average age
  • ⦿ Many prizes include gear, free lessons and more