College Recruiting Program

Empowering athletes to bridge the gap between skills EVALUATION and college recruiting EXPOSURE through EDUCATION of the processes favored most by next level athletics personnel.

Let BASE by Pros help you navigate your path to college!

Did you know?
  • ⦿ Only 7.3% of all high school baseball players reach NCAA colleges.
  • ⦿ 2.2% of all high school baseball players play Division 1.
  • ⦿ The average showcase costs $450 plus travel expenses.
  • ⦿ There are nearly 40,000 collegiate roster spots available across the country at more than 1500 colleges. Only 2% of all total colleges with baseball are located in Washington (29 colleges at 30 roster spots = 900).

Have you ensured that your athlete has targeted the right schools and is ready for exposure?

Rookie Package

  • ⦿ Athlete Self-discovery Exercise and Parent Survey
  • ⦿ 1-on-1 in-person goal setting session
  • ⦿ Monthly 15-minute Progress Review
  • ⦿ 1-on-1 phone calls
  • ⦿ Invitation to all seminars and events

Professional Package

  • ⦿ Athlete Self-discovery Exercise and Parent Survey
  • ⦿ 1-on-1 in-person guidance through all 12 College Development Lessons*
  • ⦿ Monthly 15-minute Progress Review 1-on-1 phone calls
  • ⦿ Invitation to all seminars and events

All-Star Package

  • ⦿ Athlete Self-discovery Exercise and Parent Survey
  • ⦿ 1-on-1 in-person guidance through all 12 College Development lessons*
  • ⦿ Unlimited 30-minute Progress Review 1 on 1 phone calls
  • ⦿ Invitation to all seminars and events

*The following modules are covered in the Professional and All-Star packages:

1) Goal Setting Session
2) Effective Study Habits
3) Time Management and Productivity
4) Test Taking Strategies and Tips
1) Goal Setting Session
2) Playing like a Pro
3) Strength and Nutrition 101
4) Target College List Development
1) Recruiting videos & Social Media
2) Research and Initial Contact
3) Email Tactics and Strategies
4) Conversation Basics: In-Person and
Phone Etiquette

Maximize your exposure and ensure that you are prepared for the next level. Our team of experienced college coaches and athletes will educate and guide you through the recruiting process by providing sound counseling in a personalized format. We will help you identify the schools that offer the best opportunity for continuing your athletic career while fostering the life skills necessary to reach your full potential, both as an athlete and an individual outside of sport. Vast quantities of talented athletes are overlooked by coaches on a daily basis, but our proven strategies and deep commitment to improving your skillset will help you stand out from the competition!

Example 1 on 1 Consulting Topics:

  • ⦿ Mock phone interviews
  • ⦿ Assisted college research
  • ⦿ Selection of showcases and tournaments
  • ⦿ Create a Standardized Test Preparation Schedule (SAT/ACT)
  • ⦿ Plus, anything else involved in the college decision!

Player Showcasing

(UPDATE Nov. 7, 2019: Our program titled “Player Showcasing” is currently being phased out, replaced by our new College Recruiting program described above.)

  • ⦿ Are you a high school ballplayer looking ahead to the next level?
  • ⦿ Could you use a little help researching colleges and understanding the recruiting process?
  • ⦿ Wish to get on the radar of your favorite coaching staff?
  • ⦿ Have you positioned yourself to make a positive first impression?

BASE by Pros can help!

Recruiting Consultation


Our team of former pros has the personal experience and industry contacts to help you better understand what it takes to transition to the next level and guide you toward success. Call today to schedule an appointment and let BASE by Pros help you navigate the often murky recruiting waters.

Marketing Consultation

$50/half hour

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder study, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates and 57% are less likely to interview a candidate they can’t find online. College coaches operate in much the same manner. Playing statistics will get you a look, but your social capital will help you rise above comparable competition. Spend time with our digital marketing expert to review your online personal brand and identify areas for improvement. Bring your resume for copy editing, your jersey for a headshot, and we’ll provide you with an e-mail template for reaching out to coaches that will have you standing out from automated recruiting software e-mails.

Showcasing Videos

Starting at $300.

BASE by Pros has the video production expertise and sports knowledge to make sure your skills look sharp and are presented in high quality. Videos packages start with an Introduction and Hitting for $300.  Up to 3 additional camera angles can be added for $50 each. Additional positions are $50 plus $50 per additional camera.

So, $300 for the initial, one-camera skills video (personal introduction and one position).  Then $50 for every additional position and camera.

EXAMPLE: A comprehensive skills video featuring personal introduction and 2-camera hitting ($350), 4-camera catching ($200) and 1-camera pitching ($50) would be $600.

Cost includes cage rental or travel to a local field you’ve reserved.

A few samples can be found below. Our full portfolio of videos can be found in the Player Showcasing playlist on our BASE by Pros YouTube channel.

Player Showcasing Rack Card (.pdf 623KB)
Showcasing Video Player Info Sheet (Google Doc)

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