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Our softball clinics are the most effective and affordable way for your athlete to be equipped with the drills and the knowledge that will help them reach their highest potential. During these clinics, our elite instructors work hand and hand with athletes at every skill level and age. We develop with our athletes through various learning styles, continuous encouragement and goal setting catered to each athlete’s needs.

Through our BASE By Pros softball clinics, your athlete will receive all the benefits of our individual instruction with the added bonus of group accountability, community, competition, and fun! Our clinics teach athletes how to:

Be successful on the field

Work with other towards common goals

Become Better Athletes And Teammates

Compete At The Highest Level

What Makes Us Different?

We here at Base by Pros understand how defeating the game of softball can be. We have created a program to teach your athlete the strength, the ability and the mentality to make it to the next level. We personalize instruction to each athlete’s unique abilities.

After every clinic we reflect on our progress and what else needs to be done in order to achieve our personal goals.

BASE By Pros Softball instructions specializes in dynamic, innovative, and interactive training that evolves with the game. We value quality instruction as well as learning new ways to teach and motivate young athletes. Our goal is that your athlete will not only improve physically, but also mentally, making them the best of the best!

What's In A Clinic?

One hour per week with one of softball’s elite instructors along with 3 - 10 other athletes working on the same skills. Every athlete receives focused, cutting edge drills designed to help develop their skill set and to help them reach their highest potential.

  • We teach all aspects of the game: hitting, fielding, pitching and catching
  • We promise progressive instruction every week
  • We challenge your athlete to the best they can be
  • We mentor your athlete through positive and healthy relationships
  • We achieve results parent’s never thought possible!

Schedule A Softball Clinic Today

Softball clinics are held once a week at our training facility in Everett, WA. View our schedule below to reserve your spot now.

Starting at $25 per one hour softball session. Sign up for several sessions at a time for a a discounted rate. There is not limit for how many you wish to do.

Where We Train

Base By Pros Baseball & Softball Training Facility

25 Minutes North of Seattle in Lynnwood, WA

14926 35th Ave West

Lynnwood, WA 98087

Meet The Softball Clinic Coaches

Softball Coach
Ashley Charters was a former 3 time All-American infielder from the University of Washington. Charters grew up in Beaverton, Oregon…
Softball Coach
Danielle  is currently an assistant coach at Bellevue College and the lead instructor for Pitchin' it With D. At Bellevue…

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