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Next level baseball and softball training must begin with a next level assessment.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Ultra Assessment date!

Space is limited with only 7 sessions available. Timeslots begin at 8am and run every half hour with the final session starting at 11am. Once you purchase the assessment, we will follow up with you to schedule a time for your appointment.

Got what it takes for college ball and the pros? To get there, we must focus on “Progress over Perfection” and we can’t track our progress if we don’t know exactly where our journey begins. We need highly-detailed, trackable data, achievable goals, and a thorough plan for growth to crush those goals. It all starts with a BASE by Pros Ultra Assessment!

If you are a baseball or softball player interested in understanding your current level of performance through very specific, data-driven feedback, the Ultra Assessment is for you. Players prepared to set goals for next level results will spend an hour and a half session working through various stations with our staff, including Owner and Former MLB Player Brent Lillibridge. Brent has worked and trained with over 50 college and professional athletes and knows what it takes to set you up with a plan for on-field success.

Session details:

  1. STATION 1 (30 Minutes with Instructor #1):
    – Movement screening.
    – Exercise plan to improve failed movement patterns.
  2. STATION 2 (30 Minutes with Coach Brent):
    – Warm up and soft toss.
    4D Motion assessments featuring data-driven reference points for learning and growth.
    – Real-time video breakdown of swing mechanics utilizing 3 cameras for precise recording and review.
    Rapsodo data and analytics drive a hyper-focused understanding of your swing throughout the assessment with video loaded to your Rapsodo profile for ongoing review.
    – Located in large, double-wide cage for better assessment of hitting results.
  3. STATION 3 (30 Minutes with Instructor #3):
    – Virtual Reality decision making assessment with WIN Reality VR
    – Summary discussion, including creation of cloud-based folder containing detailed notes, drills, video breakdowns, and goals.
4D Motion - Full Digital Motion Capture for Baseball and Softball
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Ultra Training is only for athletes with the desire and drive to play at the next level – #BASEdriven athletes.

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