Distancing Guidelines

NOTE: This page not only serves as our company’s official guidelines, but is laid out in adherence with Section 11.2 of the Snohomish County Parks Athletic Field Use Application Form to accommodate our outdoor events.

Organization Contacts

BASE by Pros is owned by Brent Lillibridge and Steven Souza who can be reached via the information on our Contact Us page.

Certificate of Insurance Coverage and Endorsement

Coming soon.

Current Season Registration Forms/Materials

Online registration is available on each individual Event page.

COVID-19 Return to Play Safety Plan

  1. Enter building through glass door.
  2. Enter training facility through wood door (wait for those exiting).
  3. Exit through blue door (those in gym exit through gym door).
  4. Players only beyond the front desk.
  5. Maintain 6’ of distance in line at front desk.
  6. Cash and use of card reader are acceptable, however online payments are preferred.
  7. Upstairs lounge is closed (please wait in car).
  8. Hand sanitizer available throughout the facility.
  9. Facility cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  10. Masks are required at all times while in the facility.

We want to thank you for adhering to these temporary guidelines and look forward to a return to business as usual when the time is right. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.

By-laws or Policies and Procedures

A. Written Policies and Procedures including Mission Statement

MISSION: To develop highly respected athletes, both on and off the field, through an impassioned focus on Mindset, Skills, Strength, and Character.

B. Job Description which includes min. qualification for staff and coaches.

Coming Soon.

Training in:

  • The emotional needs of children
  • Safety, Injury Prevention and first aid
  • Conditioning, Hydration and Nutrition
  • Teaching proper sport techniques
  • Child Abuse Prevention and drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention

List the National Organization which certifies your coaches/staff.

C. Requirement that staff sign an annual code of conduct

Coming soon.

D. Requirement that staff are subject to a criminal background check

Coming soon.

E. Enforcement plan for implementing a sportsmanship/conduct code including disciplinary procedures

Coming soon.

F. Requirement that at least one adult trained in CPR and basic first aid is present and that a minimum of two adults are always on site during all scheduled use.

Coming soon.

G. Requirement that an emergency first aid plan and basic first aid is always on site, etc.

Coming soon.

H. Demonstrates compliance that your program complies with WA Senate Bill ESSB 5967, House Bill 1824 and Senate Bill 5083. (Gender Equity – Fair Play and Zackery Lystedt Return to Play Law.)

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