Distancing Guidelines


  1. Enter through blue door at main entrance.
  2. Wait in separate designated queue areas in weight room until instructor comes.
  3. Garage doors will remain open to encourage air flow.
  4. Hand sanitizer available upon entrance and exit.
  5. Exit through weight room door.
  6. 10 minutes between lessons (to allow for cleaning and ball pickup).
  7. Thorough facility cleaning throughout the day.


  1. Upstairs lounge is closed (please wait in car or designated queue area).
  2. No cash or card reader (payments should be made online, over the phone, or verbally in person).


  1. Leave bag in car (bring in mitts, helmets, and bats separately)
  2. Refrain from touching baseballs (not applicable for pitchers).


  1. One per 2 cages (only 3 scheduled at any given time).
  2. Will wear masks.
  3. Will pick up balls.


  1. One team per hour (2 players per cage or 6 feet apart if able in large cage).
  2. 10 minutes between new teams.
  3. No parents allowed in facility after drop off.


We want to thank you for adhering to these temporary guidelines and look forward to a return to business as usual when the time is right. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.