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Here are some of the benefits members receive...

Athlete Assessment

  • Exit velocity & efficiency measurement
  • Personalized training plan
  • Baseline video analysis

You can't get a handle on where you are going without knowing where you are. Our annual membership package includes a complete baseline skills analysis conducted by our staff of professional trainers. You will receive a detailed summary report full of measurable data and a personalized development plan designed to get you on and keep you on the right path to your dreams.

Fitness Evaluation

  • Strength assessment
  • Flexibility & mobility testing
  • Age-based comparison

Meet with our on-site partner trainers, Reign Fitness, to go through a comprehensive fitness assessment focused on the athlete’s mobility, stability and core strength. Learn the proper form of basic exercises and receive a detailed individualized plan that will prepare your body for increased performance on the field.

Showcasing Consultation

  • Introduction to college recruiting process
  • Online branding consultation
  • Showcasing video discount

According to, people are Googling you at every stage of your career, not only when applying for entry-level or c-level jobs, but prior to that at the college recruiting phase as well. If you don’t properly manage your online reputation, you strengthen the opportunity for your competition. Marketing yourself with showcasing videos and professional contact with college coaches, coupled with proactively managing your online brand and reputation, will guarantee you a competitive advantage!

Speaking Events

  • Topics covering "Diamond Principles"
  • College recruiting process
  • Standard test preparation

Are there tricks to improving your mental fitness so you can overcome failure more quickly? What are the pros and cons of D1, D2, and D3 for the student athlete? Is an agility program as important as the weight room for your total athletic fitness? Can standardized test preparation make a difference in getting you into the right school?

We know from experience that there is a lot you can do to improve your chances of playing at the next level by what you do off the field. Our goal is to provide the student athlete with access to thought leaders, industry experts and coaches who can provide them with answers to the questions above and hundreds of others circling around in their heads (and their parents). A BBP membership includes a minimum of 4 “town meeting” style seminars each year. Our goal is to equip you with critical insights that we know will be as valuable as the training we offer you in the cage.

10% Discounts

  • Save 10% on camps, classes and leagues!
  • Save 10% on showcasing videos!
  • Save 10% on BASE by Pros merchandise!

We appreciate the confidence you show in our program by becoming a BBP annual member. In appreciation for that loyalty, we are thrilled to extend to you a 10% discount on ALL of our products and services, which includes everything from lessons and clinics to basic cage rentals and apparel.

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