Mitch discusses reframing your mindset when faced with life’s challenges and provides examples of how this works in our daily lives with the help of Brent, Danielle, Jody and Collin.


Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell Puller, aka “Chesty”, is the most
decorated Marine in American history. He served in several major
conflicts in both World War II and the Korean War.
One of the greatest leaders of all time, he was exceptional when
it came to perception. His ability to reframe dire situations helped
save the lives of hundreds of US soldiers. Check out these stories:

  • • During the Korean War, when he and his men were surrounded by the Chinese in the Chosin Reservoir, he remarked to those in command, “They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29 to 1. They can’t get away from us now.”
  • • Later, during that same conflict, Chesty reminded his men in a difficult situation, “We’re surrounded. That simplifies our problem of getting to these people and killing them.”

Perception allows us to determine the way we look at something. We get to choose the view that will set our emotional state of mind.

Can we change problems into opportunities? …Weaknesses into strengths? …Threats into challenges?

By reframing our perception of situations more positively, what can this do for our lives? Might it lead to an empowered life with better direction?

Your Turn

Give an example of a challenging situation and how you could have reframed it to be positive.

Final Thoughts

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