Perception and how you see yourself is more powerful than reality. The thing is, reality is how we perceive the situations, events, and struggles. We have complete power to see what we want to see. Even though this can turn very dangerous in world views, political lines and other areas of our lives, we can use our great imaginations to create the reality we want. It starts with seeing the outcomes you want to happen first in your mind and replaying it over and over. Have you ever visualized failing at a job interview? Did you feel stress and the anxiety come with it? It didn’t happen but you visualized it and the body didn’t know the difference. We probably use visualization primarily for the wrong things that cause us stress, anxiety and loss of energy. This can also be used for visualizing what we want to happen and the body responds with joy, calmness and higher energy. Make the choice to change your reality in your own mind and see how that reality becomes the real reality.

Brent Lillibridge


Dream Big,

~ Brent Lillibridge


Visualizing Baseball

The power of visualization and mental rehearsal has been demonstrated in dozens of research studies. If you take twenty athletes of equal ability and provide ten of them with mental training, they will outperform the ten athletes who didn’t receive mental training every time.

• Allows you to refocus between plays/at bats
• Helps relax your mind and body
• Improves your performance

Your Turn

• Take 10 minutes every night before bed to visualize:
o Throwing a pitch
o Swinging in the box
o Fielding a ball
• After each pitch, for example, replay the way you approached the previous pitch (whether you swung or took it) in your mind. Visualize the correct way to do it. Then take a deep breath and return your focus to the current pitch.
• Prior to games and practices, prioritize 5-10 minutes of your daily routine to visualize your performance for that day.

Final Thoughts

“You always can do mental practice, even when you are physically tired or injured. Make your images as vivid and as clear as you can. See yourself overcoming mistakes, and imagine yourself doing things well. Remember, confidence comes from knowing you are mentally and physically prepared.“
~ Gary Mack (Pg. 17 – Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence)

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