Body Language


Body language is a quick indicator of how a player is feeling and can easily indicate their attitude for that day. What athletes often neglect to connect is that their overall mentality can be influenced by how they carry themselves.

Making a conscious effort to portray confident body language can help kickstart an individual in the right direction and that adjustment can spread through a team like wildfire.  I have found an analogy that works well to shift body language is telling players to imagine picking up heavy suitcases. If your athlete is struggling to feel confident between the foul lines, encourage them to fake it ’til they make it and find their superhero alter ego.

Keep workin’,

Joel Johnson
BBP Instructor and College Baseball Coach


Mental Skills Coach Collin Henderson talks about the importance of confident body language, not only when stepping on the field to drive your own performance, but also as something your teammates will feed off of and mirror.

Your Turn

  • • Hitters, approach the batters box with big body language.
  • • Pitchers, own the mound. Get big!
  • • Whatever the challenge, act your way into the desired outcome/feeling.

Final Thoughts

Taking control of your body language is one of the most powerful tools to create confidence for yourself and those around you. How you carry yourself and control your posture influences your biochemistry, which often flows into your emotions and thoughts. Also, having negative body language impacts your teammates as well. People cannot read your mind, but they can read your body language. As part of your preparation and training, practice having championship body language, and watch your impact as a player and teammate improve. 

With Gratitude,

Collin Henderson, MEd, CMC
Author | Speaker
Peak Performance Coach

“Thoughts become things.”

“Smile even if you don’t feel like it. Your body language helps determine your state of mind.”

– Gitte Falkenberg

“When you are walking in purpose, you collide with destiny.”

– Chris Widener

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