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Commentary These videos from Collin are solid gold! Self-image always stems from a person or situation that began the cycle of negative self-image. Great question to always ask yourself when you are underestimating yourself... "Who told you that?" Go back to the genesis of this image and reject it. In my career I was told hundreds of times that I ... More

Trusting the Process

Commentary Every lesson we ask our athlete’s one of three things: how’s your self talk, what’s been your plan at the plate, or what have you been focusing on in practice (aka your routine). When athletes struggle to come up with immediate answers to these questions, we know their in-game success will be limited. Every athlete has to always ... More

2019 MAX Summer Camps (7/15-19, 8/12-16)

MAX: Movement, Action, X-citement! Learn to max out your movements, mindset and fun in this all sports camp. We will be teaching kids to master movements used across all major sports, using fun activities and skills specific to the sports they play, challenging them mentally and physically. https://youtu.be/RAUt8DlfXEA AGES: 6-12 years ... More