If I could go back in time and tell my past self about all these amazing tools! Painting the picture of success and having it as part of your daily routine creates successful outcomes.

I remember vividly a time in my life where I spent five minutes a day for over a month visualizing my successful day. The results? Winning Minor League Player of the Month, which translated into one of the best seasons in all of Minor League Baseball that year. I understood these ideas so much better when I was coming up through the minor leagues, but then began to worry about results once I broke into the MLB.

Commit to this and see your performance rise!

Brent Lillibridge

Dream big,

Brent Lillibridge
BBP Owner and Instructor


Mental Skills Coach Collin Henderson shares the importance of using imagery to prepare for a game and walks us through a 3-step approach to imagery inspired by legendary soccer player Pelé.

Your Turn

Identify 3-5 minutes each day as part of your warm up to use Imagery.

Final Thoughts

Using imagery is a powerful mental skill to prime your mind and body to gain clarity. When you visualize—using all your senses—your brain cannot tell the difference between that imagined event and a real event. 

Using imagery helps your subconscious and body gain extra repetitions, so when it is time to perform you’ll be more familiar with what to do. Designate a time and location to get your mental reps in using the Pelé Imagery Technique (1-2 minutes each step):

1. Focus on your breathing
2. Connect to your love of the game
3. Replay moments when you were performing at your best
4. Using all your senses visualize yourself executing your upcoming competition at the highest level

Good luck and remember… neurons that fire together wire together. By using imagery, you’re creating a mental groove and neural pathway for your brain to follow and execute. Gain a competitive advantage by using imagery daily.

With Gratitude,

Collin Henderson, MEd, CMC
Author | Speaker
Peak Performance Coach

“Thoughts become things.”

“ The use of mental imagery is one of the strongest and most effective strategies for making something happen for you. ”

– Wayne Dyer, Self-Development Author and Speaker (b. 1940-d. 2015)

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