Body Language – Part II


We are so worried about what we say when in reality it’s the sound of our voice and more importantly our body language that speaks much louder. If our posture – having our shoulders back and chest out – can affect our own brains, how much more can it affect others’ perception of us? Own your space. Everywhere you go, take up space and you’ll notice a difference in how people respond to you.

I was and am still a very average-sized person but I learned long ago that if I acted big and I walked around like I was the biggest man in the room I believed it!

Brent Lillibridge

Dream Big, Serve Bigger!
Brent Lillibridge
BBP Owner and Former MLB Player


Review Body Language.

Your Turn

The Back to School season is upon us. Many of you are moving up to new schools and attending orientations this week. You’re about to see a bunch of new faces and meet a ton of new friends. As you enter your new school, walk with a purpose and a smile on your face and challenge yourself to engage with 5 new people. Pay particular attention to your body language. Are you approachable? Do you exude the confidence necessary to approach others?

Though you may feel a little uneasy and lost in a new environment, chances are those around you are experiencing the exact same feelings. Use this commonality to confidently break the ice with strangers and remember, many of life’s greatest opportunities will come from people you have yet to meet.

Present yourself with confidence and you’ll feel more confident. Use that confidence to show interest in others. Think of how you feel when someone takes the initiative to approach you with their hand extended. Not only are you honored to see their interest in you, but you can’t help but be impressed by their confidence in breaking the ice. Be someone that you would want to meet through your confident, welcoming body language and genuine interest in those you meet.

Final Thoughts

“Body language is more powerful than words.”

– Ricky Gervais

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