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I heard this conversation brought up in a podcast I was listening to and it really sparked my interest in what it takes to get somewhere. Here is the question:

If you go halfway to your destination and then half way again and then half way again… Will you ever get to your destination? How many halves would it take?

There was a great exercise shared on YouTube by Russell Foltz-Smith. Have your child pick a wall. Ask them to walk halfway to it, then halfway to the wall again, then halfway to the wall again… Do the steps get smaller? Theoretically, would they ever reach the wall?

The answer is NO.  So I pose this question based on this paradox of motion: If you only put half effort into something and arrive closer to the goal and then put half the effort again and again, what are the chances of reaching that goal or wall?

Guy on couch with TV remote covered by big, red, cross out circle

My challenge question for all athletes right now: Do you really want to put half an effort each day towards your goals? How sad would it be if you have memories of Netflix, video games, and sleeping in every day during this season, instead of figuring out your third pitch, gaining 15 lbs, losing 15 lbs, doing yoga to increase flexibility, or listening to podcasts on nutrition?

One thing is for certain, athletes that saw this as an opportunity to put more work in and be ready will stand out over those who chose the couch. Let’s go all in and reach that destination.

Dream Big, Serve Bigger!

Brent Lillibridge

~ Brent Lillibridge
BASE by Pros Owner and Former MLB Player


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