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The 90 Project - A Pitching Velocity Program Featuring 4D Motion

The 90 Project Jr. (Jan-Feb 2022)

Unlimited Pitching Training for Ages 12 and Under

Tues-Sat, 6PM-7PM, $200/mo.

This is a revised version of our main throwing program, The 90 Project.

This program is offered in Lynnwood.

The 90 Project Jr program is designed to create and reinforce good habits and routines in a youth pitcher’s throwing motion. Using video analysis and optional 4D Motion technology ($250 additional) we can see and diagnose any inefficiencies to create a powerful repeatable delivery. The goal of this program is to get youth pitchers ready for their seasons, feeling stronger and more consistent than ever.

  • Introduction to strength training movements through plyometric training and speed and agility.
  • Learn pre- and post-throwing arm care routines.
  • Be held accountable to weekly throwing plans.
  • Take advantage of stretching, foam rolling and band work.
  • Expand your range of motion.
  • Benefit from access to slow motion video of your delivery.
This is a monthly membership that allows you to attend unlimited sessions per week @ $200/month.

Sessions are available Tuesday-Saturday from 6-7pm but must be booked in advanced as there are only 8 slots. Sessions can be booked below or through our BASE by Pros App available for iPhone (App Store) or Android (Google Play). If you want to simply contact us to schedule your sessions, we’re happy to help that way as well.

We suggest attending two times a week for best results. Need to cancel an appointment? Please contact us so we can open up that spot for another player.

Just $200 a month.

Payable when you arrive for your first monthly session.
Book below!