Just Play! Mindset Training Series

Just Launched!

The same mindset training curriculum offered at our BASE by Pros Academy is now available to ALL sports organizations through our Online Training portal!

16 Weeks of Thought-Provoking Mental Lessons to Guide Your Athletic Team’s Mindset Training Program

Hey Coaches,

What percentage of your practice time is focused on individual & team drills?
…game planning? …film study? …physical fitness?

Now, how much time is spent training …THE MIND?

Bullets clarifying what is included with our Just Play! Mindset Training Series

A player’s mental approach is perhaps the greatest contributor to in-game success, yet we spend very little time on mental training. Coaches typically gloss over it citing a lack of training tools …until now.

Former MLB Player Brent Lillibridge and Author and Peak Performance Coach Collin Henderson collaborate to bring you a fresh approach to team practices. Practice time is valuable. Don’t just go through the motions. Whether you coach on the diamond, court, field, pitch, or pool, encourage your players to get their mind right by kicking practice off with a simple, 3-step mindset training session:

  1. Share an animated video featuring a captivating story that introduces the topic of the day’s mindset lesson.
  2. Lead an engaging team discussion based on simple talking points provided in your Coaches Guide.
  3. Encourage accountability as players quickly track goals and lesson comprehension in their Players Journal.

to start each week promises practices filled with like-minded, confident, and focused players!

"Mind Right, Game Tight!"

Available now for just $24.99!
($19.99 Digital Only)

Special Mindset Training Bundle for Organizations

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(Plus sample videos)

1) Play vs. Pressure: Willie’s Worrisome Warm-Up

2) _no_ Fear: Sarah’s Stressful Speech

3) The Balanced Beam: A QB’s Secret to Success

4) Build Your Diamond: Advantage Colton

5) Gratitude & Service: Puck Praise

6) Self-Talk: Good Wolf vs. Bad Wolf

7) Be the Next YOU!: Star Struck

8) Self-Image: Eric Scores on His SATs

9) Me Wheel – Ayo Finds His Pride

10) E + R = O: Jackson Picks Success

11) Root vs. Fruit: An Apple a Day

12) Significance of Routine: Fragile Fred

13) Visualization: Peter’s Peak Performance

14) Radical Downtime: Snowplowin’ Snowflakes

15) Celebrating Failure: Tyler Trusts the Plan

16) Reframing: Gus Gets To!