Small Things, Big Change


I love the story about UPS! We’ve used this story in the past just to show kids how a small thing can make a huge difference. It teaches me that sometimes when building new habits or wanting to make changes in my life, it’s OK to start small. We can’t make significant changes in our life and expect them to stick. This story gives hope to focusing on one small thing and how it can change and make a huge difference.

Brent LillibridgeDream Big,

~ Brent Lillibridge


Small things done daily lead to big things over time.


In 2004, UPS implemented a new policy to try to save money. Their engineers developed a software program that would plan their delivery drivers’ routes to use as many right turns as possible.

Meditate or Race to Work?

Wake up and meditate or rush off to work? Decisions, decisions. Small daily changes such as taking time to meditate can work wonders toward achieving your dreams.


• 61% of accidents at intersections occur when a left turn is involved versus only 3% when turning right.
• Drivers will have less waiting time to turn left and will result in less fuel usage.
• Improved efficiency for which their packages are delivered.


UPS was able to plan their drivers’ routes with roughly 90% right turns. By repeating this small change with each delivery, big change was achieved! In the first year, UPS saved 28.5 million miles driven, 3 million gallons of fuel, and 1,100 trucks. Just the reduction of fuel alone saved the company $9 million in one year!


• Eating better leads to improving the way we feel.
• Getting to know our teammates better improves our ability to help them on and off the field.
• Studying increases our chances of testing better and achieving the GPA needed for acceptance at our preferred college.

Final Thoughts

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
~ Confucius

Your Turn

Consider small changes to your routine that will make you better. Pick one that you are willing to commit to for this next week. Write it down and post it on the refrigerator or somewhere else where you will notice it as a constant reminder.

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