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A huge thank you to all of the sponsors who helped us raise over $1300 at our Holiday FanFest event. All the money raised went to Consider the Lily, an organization that focuses on stopping human trafficking throughout the Philippines. To learn more about Consider the Lily, follow this link: Thank you so much to everyone who lent a helping hand! 
Our Sponsors: 
Karyn McCracken, John Laton, Steve Hunter, Rick Leo, Benn Bollay, Scott Wilkening-Joly, Rick Randall, Xavier Robinson, Jake Heston, Tim Wilson, Anthony Gogna, Scott Jacks, Clayton Clark, Jackson Webber, The Swimburson’s, Hannah Fastafson, Ron Hildebrandt, Ben and Caleb, Tim Osterberg, Brian Douma, Alika Dias, Matt Jameyson, Steven Souza, Patrick Wisdom, The Reed’s, Lloyd Levin, The Crosson’s, Josh Veals, Niles Robbins, Josh Rogers, Steve Peterson, Marisa Moleno, Hendrik Huigen, Stacy Kromer, Kathy Kromer, Austin Kromer, Jeff Paos, Paul Goto, Ron Moisant 

With the busy part of our offseason upon us and our facility humming like Santa’s workshop in December, we wanted to take a moment to step back and recognize you, our guests, for being a part of our BASE by Pros family! After all, isn’t family what the holidays are all about? To show our appreciation, we invite you to join us for a fun, festive, and FREE holiday event featuring a carnival-like atmosphere and special appearances by Major Leaguers and Santa himself!

WHO: Baseball, softball and snowball players and their families

WHERE: BASE by Pros | (425) 200-4448 | | 14926 35th Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98087

WHEN: Friday, December 21, 2018 from 6 PM to 8 PM

FEATURING: Steven Souza Jr., Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Michael Conforto, Travis Snider and 2018 Cy Young Award Winner Blake Snell (JUST ADDED!), as well as the usual cast of BASE by Pros current and former pros

Consider the Lily

ABOUT CONSIDER THE LILY: Consider the Lily focuses on putting an end to human trafficking one person at a time – whether it be through prevention homes, rescuing children who are at risk of being sold, or impacting the ones responsible for this slavery by reaching out at bars, clubs, brothels, and hideaways throughout the Philippines. Learn more and donate at or get more involved by joining their Facebook Group.

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2018 Holiday FanFest Parking Map
Please be respectful of other local businesses and only park in areas highlighted in yellow which have been approved. Thank you.