Commentary “My kid is amazing in the cage and in practice, but once he steps on that field, in the box, or on the mound, he/she falls apart!” We have heard this over and over again from parents. It’s why we have put so much energy into training the whole person with our weekly talks, journals, and training ... More

Doubt – Part II

Commentary The season is ramping up and games are right around the corner. Every athlete, the closer they get to the season, allows for doubts to start creeping in. "Will I have the season I want?" "Will I get to play everyday?" The questions are always in the forefront of their minds. This is a great reminder about ... More

Radical Downtime

Commentary Did you know anxiety and stress is reaching epidemic proportions in our country? 20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition.(1) There are a number of factors that can cause anxiety and stress disorders in youth and adults. One factor that I want to talk about is REST, or as the authors of ... More


Commentary Perception and how you see yourself is more powerful than reality. The thing is, reality is how we perceive the situations, events, and struggles. We have complete power to see what we want to see. Even though this can turn very dangerous in world views, political lines and other areas of our lives, we can ... More

Thankfulness – Part II

Commentary Last week we discussed Reframing. It only makes sense for us to talk about being thankful again. Can we agree that being negative and complaining comes very easy? It takes absolutely no effort to complain or be ungrateful. Our goal with every athlete and organization we work with is to train them to be resilient ... More


Commentary Mitch discusses reframing your mindset when faced with life's challenges and provides examples of how this works in our daily lives with the help of Brent, Danielle, Jody and Collin. Lesson Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell Puller, aka “Chesty”, is the most deco... More

Fuel Up!

Commentary When was the last time you asked how someone is and they responded with “BUSY!” Such a common theme in today's world - with so many things to do, yet it seems so little time to do them. Here is the has allowed us to do more, but because we can do more it hasn’t saved us time! Our ... More

Mirror Neurons

Commentary In September of 2009, I sat in the Cleveland Indians visitor dugout with my hitting coach Greg Walker. I told him how frustrated I was with my performance that season. I found myself starting to come with reasons. Lack of playing time, bad match-ups, the complexity of a bench role. Then I stopped, looked at ... More

Celebrating Failure

Commentary What makes a great story? When you think of the best stories ever told, fictional or nonfictional, you see these characteristics: Character(s) change something about themselves during the story. They go through adversity or failure. The best stories always come with struggle. Why, then, do we try to ... More


Commentary Event + Response = Outcome is one of my favorite talks at BASE by Pros! This comes down to one thing… “What do I have control of?” Plain and simple, this convicts me every single day to choose to find positive responses to all events. This also allows me to be aware of my response to situations. We put ... More