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How can you become something, if you don’t believe in it?

What if I told you that almost 80% of human thought is negative? The human mind on average has about 800-1400 words that cross the subconscious in one minute. Nobody talks to you more than you. As athletes, one of the biggest mental skills in being successful at a high level is having great self-talk. But it is something that is not easy to master. In a ... More

Body Language – Part II

Commentary We are so worried about what we say when in reality it’s the sound of our voice and more importantly our body language that speaks much louder. If our posture - having our shoulders back and chest out - can affect our own brains, how much more can it affect others' perception of us? Own your space. Everywhere you go, take up space and ... More

The Reset Button – Part II

Commentary Seasons are over and summer is in full swing. Every October I would come home and reset during a long season. In this time of rest it would always be a time to reset the mind and body. I looked back at the season and developed the plan for how I wanted to improve for next year. It could have been getting stronger, faster, hit sliders more ... More

Self-Talk – Part II

Commentary https://youtu.be/_uKnnbsvT9A Dream Big, Serve Bigger! ~ Brent Lillibridge Lesson Revisit Collin Henderson's original lesson on Self-Talk. Your Turn N/A Final Thoughts N/A More

Being Present

Commentary When I had high level success on the field, I was obsessed over the things I had control of: my routine, what I ate, what pitch was I looking for. Even when I had a statically bad game...0-4 maybe...I reflected on these three things: did I stick to my game plan, did I visualize what I wanted to happen, did I give 100 percent effort. If I ... More

Body Language

Commentary Body language is a quick indicator of how a player is feeling and can easily indicate their attitude for that day. What athletes often neglect to connect is that their overall mentality can be influenced by how they carry themselves.Making a conscious effort to portray confident body language can help kickstart an individual in the right ... More

The Reset Button

Commentary Last week in my mental focus session I was talking with one of my athletes on whether she was present or not in her lesson. She reflected and believed that she WAS present in her lesson but at school that day she found herself unfocused. I asked her what she did, and she told me that she pulled her “squishy” (soft squishy ball) out of her ... More


Commentary “My kid is amazing in the cage and in practice, but once he steps on that field, in the box, or on the mound, he/she falls apart!” We have heard this over and over again from parents. It’s why we have put so much energy into training the whole person with our weekly talks, journals, and training techniques. It comes down to this: ... More