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A Technologically Advanced Pitching Velocity Program Featuring 4D Motion

(Scroll to the bottom for 12 and under players.)

They say if a pitching prospect can hit 90 mph, there’s a D1 school ready to welcome them. With that goal in mind, BASE by Pros is proud to offer a new, technologically advanced pitching program that utilizes scientific feedback to provide pitchers with measurable results. From your initial assessment to consistent training sessions in the gym and on the mound, BASE by Pros will keep you on track to achieve your optimal level of performance. The goal is 90mph…but that’s just the start!

The 90 Project Features

Participation in The 90 Project begins with a physical assessment with a certified doctor and is then followed by 32 training sessions to help you unlock new levels of velocity.

  • • Maximize your body’s potential to safely throw the ball as hard as possible.
  • • Participate in a strength and conditioning program based on collegiate and professional baseball programs.
  • • Learn pre- and post-throwing arm care routines.
  • • Be held accountable to weekly throwing plans.
  • • Take advantage of stretching and foam rolling.
  • • Expand your range of motion.
  • • Benefit from access to slow motion video of your delivery.

4D Motion Technology Features

  • • Track your throwing motion on your mobile device with the help of a 3D avatar that mirrors your body as small sensors capture the motion of specific body parts.
  • • View an assessment that gives key biomechanical feedback.
  • • Take advantage of a Kinetic sequencing module.
  • • Study a detailed 3D analysis with graphs and visual tools.
  • • Gain an improved understanding of your biomechanics.
  • • Identify power leaks, improper positions, paths, and stress on joints.
  • • Establish quantifiable targets and improvement goals.
  • • Better visualize your delivery with the help of 3D angles, graphs, etc.
  • • Thoroughly understand what your body is doing vs. what you think it’s doing!

Assessment Includes:

  • Movement screening by certified doctor
  • 4D Motion capture
  • Mechanical video analysis
  • Introductory weight training session
  • Online folder containing above info

(Disclaimer: BASE by Pros will equip you with the tools to achieve your highest velocity, but can not guarantee you will reach 90 mph. There are a number of factors that influence success, many of which rely on you. We will do everything in our power however, to support and guide you along your journey to 90!)

The 90’s Project Junior

The perfect opportunity for 12 and under players to keep their arms in tip top shape during the offseason, this program is booked in individual sessions like our Fielding, Catching, and Hitting Academies and does not include an assessment (4D Motion unavailable until facility re-opens). The 90’s Project Junior lessons can be booked here.

Workouts focused on:

  • Learning Movements
  • Arm Strengthening
  • Basic Throwing Mechanics (balance, separation, leg drive, hip shoulder separation, arm path, leg block, finish)
  • Understanding kinematic sequence
  • Speed and Agility
  • Sprint Work