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8 Sessions, Nov. 18-Mar. 17

Featuring special guests, including MLB’s Steven Souza Jr. and the Twins 2018 1st round draft pick (20) and College World Series Winner with OSU Trevor Larnach.

BASE by Pros is committed to being a leader when it comes to mindset training for athletes. Though our business model is rooted in baseball, where mental strength is a requirement due to the level of failure inherent within the game (strike outs, errors, etc.), our mental development training proves valuable to participants in all sports and is open to all.

Mindset training has always been priority number one at BASE by Pros when it comes to developing ballplayers. With that, team training starts in the classroom, working with players to get their mind right, prior to hitting the cages. As our friend, Mental Skills and Peak Performance Coach Collin Henderson, likes to say,

Mind Right, Game Tight!

Unfortunately, the pandemic threw us a curve ball this year, requiring us to migrate from team training to small group training. This means we are no longer able to provide mindset training to individual teams all at once. Taking a queue from our “Event + Response = Outcome” lesson, we maintained a positive outlook and sought to create lemonades out of lemons which has resulted in a new approach to our delivery that we are incredibly excited about!

For the 2020/21 season, we look forward to offering mindset training sessions to not one, but ALL teams (and athletes of all sports) at once via an 8-week program of live weekly online presentations.

This year’s BASE by Pros Mindset Training Webinar Series will revisit many of the lessons shared in last year’s program, Just Play! Mindset Training for Peak Performing Athletes, as well as introduce new ones.

Presentations will include lessons from our Just Play! video series, as well as others.

Moving lessons online will now afford us the time to drill down even further in our mindset training. To that end, we’ve created a powerful 3-tiered approach to mental development for athletes based on what we call the 3 P’s: Process, Progress, and Present.

Mindset Training Outline

Just Play! – Our course outline begins by asking, “What does it mean to Just Play?” Here we introduce the concepts of Process, Progress, and Present – tools to get out of our own way and maximize our full potential.

Just Play! Mindset Training Series for Peak Performing Athletes
  • Just Play! Lesson #4 – Build Your Diamond

Process – Next, we introduce the concept of Process by encouraging athletes to focus on the process of achieving greatness, as opposed to fixating on the mountaintop. Process vs. Prize. Lessons include:

  • Mental & Physical Routines Done Daily to Aid Performance
  • Just Play! Lesson #3 – The Balanced Beam
  • Just Play! Lesson #11 – Root vs. Fruit
  • Just Play! Lesson #12 – Significance of Routine
  • Just Play! Lesson #15 – Celebrating Failure

Progress – Next, we discuss the importance of setting small, achievable goals and tracking and celebrating achievements in our Progress, as opposed to fixating on successes. Progress vs. Prize. Lessons include:

  • Forward Movement
  • Just Play! Lesson #7 – Be the Next YOU!
  • Just Play! Lesson #8 – Self-Image
  • Just Play! Lesson #10 – E+R=O
  • Just Play! Lesson #16 – Reframing

Present – Finally, we’ll touch on how we get in our own way when we dwell on past failures or lose ourselves in the potential of future accomplishments. By living in the now, focusing on the Present moment and what’s in our control, we can keep a clear mind and accomplish our immediate goals. Present vs. Future/Past. Lessons include:

  • Totally Immersed in the Now
  • Just Play! Lesson #2 – Know Fear
  • Just Play! Lesson #5 – Gratitude & Service
  • Just Play! Lesson #6 – Good Wolf vs. Bad Wolf
  • Just Play! Lesson #13 – Visualization
  • Just Play! Lesson #14 – Radical Downtime

Mindset Training Weekly Lessons

  • WEEK 1: (Intro) Introduction to the Just Play! mindset and the 3 P’s.
  • WEEK 2: (Process) Defining and gaining awareness on what you are repeatedly doing.
  • WEEK 3: (Process) Developing processes for each individual athlete.
  • WEEK 4: (Progress) Does perfection exist? Progress never stops.
  • WEEK 5: (Progress) Goals vs. Systems. Live by a system and always make progress.
  • WEEK 6: (Present) Are you mentally focused on the past, present, or future?
  • WEEK 7: (Present) Awareness and practicing routines to keep you in the present moment.
  • WEEK 8: (Review) What have we learned?
Screenshot from Video #1 of the Just Play! Mindset Training Series. Titled Willie’s Worrisome Warm-Up, here Willie overcomes his doubts on the stadium mound by remembering to relax, have fun, and “just play” like he does when he’s playing Wiffleball with friends.

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