Life Skills Mentorship

With CWS Champion, Bend Elks Head Coach, and BASE by Pros Instructor Kyle Nobach

Five 2-on-1 Life Skills Mentorship Sessions,
Just $297 (1-on-1, $397)

How is your athlete holding up?

These are trying times and many of our youth athletes are stuck at home with sports seasons on hold. They are unable to train as they normally would and are definitely missing out on the opportunity to build lifelong sports memories from their youth.  We’re faced with a unique situation where the next generation of talent won’t necessarily come from the most physically gifted, but rather from those who are able to face this adversity, grow mentally, and emerge stronger on the other side.

One of our goals at BASE by Pros has always been to build resilient athletes and a silver lining of the pandemic is that we now have a golden opportunity to offer life skills mentorship and build that resiliency. Players who can remain positive and focused through this pandemic, should be more than equipped to do the same when faced with a full count, down by 1 in the final inning.

Our Life Skills Mentorship program will consist of 5 weekly 1-on-1 sessions where Coach Nobach will equip your athlete with 5 mental skills:

  1. Self-Awareness 
  2. Self-Talk/Mindfulness  
  3. Self-Image 
  4. Courage/Fear 
  5. Focusing on the Process

“With limited ability to train the physical craft of our sport, most of us feel hopeless, lost, and uninspired. In athletics, we constantly hear about training the mind’. We are taught why we should train the mind, but never really taught how. In these sessions we will teach athletes how to train their mindset. The goal is to connect, build a relationship, and get vulnerable about what goes on inside your athlete’s mind, equipping them with tools to get out of their own way. We will set goals and create individualized processes and routines to give them the best chance to sustain success in their sport.”

Coach Nobach

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