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The 90 Project Jr. (Feb 2023)

Pitching Training for Ages 8-12

$200 ($50 drop-in)

Saturday Feb. 4, 11, 18, & 25 from 4PM-5:30PM

This is a revised version of our main throwing program, The 90 Project.

The 90 Project Jr program is designed to create and reinforce good habits and routines in a youth pitcher’s throwing motion. Using video analysis we can see and diagnose any inefficiencies to create a powerful repeatable delivery. The goal of this program is to get youth pitchers ready for their seasons, feeling stronger and more consistent than ever.

  • Introduction to strength training movements through plyometric training and speed and agility.
  • Learn pre- and post-throwing arm care routines.
  • Be held accountable to weekly throwing plans.
  • Take advantage of stretching, foam rolling and band work.
  • Expand your range of motion.
  • Benefit from access to slow motion video of your delivery.