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Body Language

Commentary Body language is a quick indicator of how a player is feeling and can easily indicate their attitude for that day. What athletes often neglect to connect is that their overall mentality can be influenced by how they carry themselves.Making a conscious effort to portray confident body language can help kickstart an individual in the right ... More

The Reset Button

Commentary Last week in my mental focus session I was talking with one of my athletes on whether she was present or not in her lesson. She reflected and believed that she WAS present in her lesson but at school that day she found herself unfocused. I asked her what she did, and she told me that she pulled her “squishy” (soft squishy ball) out of her ... More


Commentary “My kid is amazing in the cage and in practice, but once he steps on that field, in the box, or on the mound, he/she falls apart!” We have heard this over and over again from parents. It’s why we have put so much energy into training the whole person with our weekly talks, journals, and training techniques. It comes down to this: ... More

Radical Downtime

Commentary Did you know anxiety and stress is reaching epidemic proportions in our country? 20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition.(1) There are a number of factors that can cause anxiety and stress disorders in youth and adults. One factor that I want to talk about is REST, or as the authors of The Self- Driven Child, William ... More


Commentary Perception and how you see yourself is more powerful than reality. The thing is, reality is how we perceive the situations, events, and struggles. We have complete power to see what we want to see. Even though this can turn very dangerous in world views, political lines and other areas of our lives, we can use our great imaginations to create ... More