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Summer Camps 2020

(8/4 UPDATE) THIRD WEEK JUST ADDED AUG. 17-21!!! https://youtu.be/uLCrXhQpGCo Wanna play some baseball games!? Kids are itching for some live game action so we’re gonna give it to ‘em! Summer camps will begin each day with rotations through socially distanced drill stations, working on baseball fundamentals, such as hitting, ... More

Unlimited Machine Batting Practice (with Instruction)

Formerly "2020 Weekly Hitting League"(UPDATED 6/29) It is no secret that we are living in a truly unique time. Businesses need to adjust to the changing needs of their customers...or in our case our families. With the potential for any sort of 2020 seasons and tournaments fading, it has become evident that rigorous training has become less of a priority. ... More

Busting Out for a Visit to Axe Bat Headquarters

If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Assuming it was chopped down, that was the question of the day as I toured the empty headquarters of Axe Bat. As I contemplated digital content ideas to keep the BASE by Pros machine churning while quarantined during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, an idea ... More

The Importance of Achieving a Flow State

“The most powerful mind is a quiet mind.”– Collin Henderson, Author, Speaker, Mental Development Coach When I was in middle school, I watched the Oregon State Beavers on TV win back to back National Championships. I was 14 years old when my travel ball team had a tournament in Oregon. We stopped by the Nike store where I bought my first Oregon ... More

Shifting Mental Focus to Achieve the Fruits of Your Labor

“Fear is an illusion that traps the weak and motivates the strong.”– Pat Casey, 3x National Champion Head Coach Story: It was the fall of 2014. I had just moved to Corvallis, Oregon to attend Oregon State University. I was transferring in as a sophomore as I just finished my freshman year at Everett CC - a top-ranked junior college in Washing... More

Baseball’s Reaction to 1918’s Spanish Flu

Did your history teacher ever ask you, “Does history really repeat itself?” Well, in the case of viruses, it looks like the answer is yes. History seems to be repeating itself along the lines of a rapidly spreading virus right now. A similar pandemic happened about 100 years ago in 1918. There are so many uncertainties right now. Schools, jobs, small ... More

How can you become something, if you don’t believe in it?

What if I told you that almost 80% of human thought is negative? The human mind on average has about 800-1400 words that cross the subconscious in one minute. Nobody talks to you more than you. As athletes, one of the biggest mental skills in being successful at a high level is having great self-talk. But it is something that is not easy to master. In a ... More

Pitching Velocity Academy (2019-2020)

Maximize your arm’s potential in our Pitching Velocity program as we emphasize arm strengthening while developing a stronger and healthier body. To obtain your arm’s maximum velocity, our staff of former college and professional pitchers focus on drills and exercises commonly used from high school to professional baseball. Plus, our program takes ... More

Catching Academy (2019-2020)

The Base By Pros Catching Academy is designed to maximize your defensive potential. This is one of the most under-served areas in baseball training. Progressing from basic skills to elite level movements, BASE by Pros Catching Academy will make sure your athlete shines on the field and becomes a force on the diamond. This is the most intense and popular ... More

A Day of Remembrance and Serving Others

Commentary As many of us spend the day at BBQ's or on the field in tournaments, it's important to remember why we have this rare time off. It's important that we take time to remember those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the many pleasures that come with our freedom.As it is Motivation Monday, I feel there is nothing more ... More