Commentary “Doubt." This word doesn’t seem to dangerous. It keeps us from diving into anything without considering the consequences. It can be a healthy way to weigh variables and some would even say it’s okay to doubt. However self-doubt can be downright dangerous. It can lead to anxiety, fear, and stress. In ... More

Small Things, Big Change

Commentary I love the story about UPS! We've used this story in the past just to show kids how a small thing can make a huge difference. It teaches me that sometimes when building new habits or wanting to make changes in my life, it’s OK to start small. We can’t make significant changes in our life and expect them to ... More

Your Habits

Commentary We preach the importance of dreaming big here at BASE by Pros. Your ability to dream big is crucial to create the direction you wish to go. However, where dreams and goals fail is the next step - creating new habits to get you to stay on track. This week’s focus is the importance of doing an inventory of ... More


Commentary As we go into Thanksgiving week we are always reminded of being thankful. The problem is that we find it actually hard at times to be thankful for the situations we are in - the job we wish we had, team we wish we had made, the bank account that we’d hoped by now was larger. We will always find ways to ... More