A Day of Remembrance and Serving Others


As many of us spend the day at BBQ’s or on the field in tournaments, it’s important to remember why we have this rare time off. It’s important that we take time to remember those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the many pleasures that come with our freedom.

As it is Motivation Monday, I feel there is nothing more motivating and no better way to honor those who served at the highest level than working hard, serving others, and being the best version of ourselves. 

With that, I wanted to quickly share our new slogan at BASE by Pros.  It all began with a talk about our Mission Statement and after numerous discussions we ultimately settled back on our original motto with the addition of two simple words.  BASE by Pros is more than just next-level, skill-based baseball and softball training. Skills, coupled with Mindset and Strength, work together to build Character (the four components of our Diamond Principles) and at the root of Character is Service to Others.  Whether it be serving our parents, our teachers, those in need, our co-workers, our teammates, or even our country, our ability to put others first is what truly defines our character. When we took that all into account, our new slogan became clear as day: “Dream Big, Serve Bigger.”

I debated whether or not to make a Motivation Monday blog post today. I thought it might be best to simply remain silent on this day of remembrance. Ultimately, I decided to proceed as I believe today’s message of serving others is one that those we remember today would appreciate.

Jody Bossert - BASE by Pros Marketing & Digital Media Producer

Dream Big, Serve Bigger,

Jody Bossert – BBP Marketing and Digital Media Producer


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