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Did your youngster miss out on a crucial year of early baseball development?

BASE by Pros is thrilled to offer kids ages 3-to-8 an opportunity to learn some skills and immediately implement those skills in games. This six-week, Saturday program includes 30 minutes of practice followed by one-hour games. Plus, smaller fields and teams limited to 5 players means safer social distancing, more At Bats, more defensive opportunities, and less time picking dandelions!


  • Ages 3-4 (6 teams)
  • Ages 5-6 (6 teams)
  • Ages 7-8 (4 teams)


  • 6 Practices and Games
  • Coached by BASE By Pros Instructor


  • Saturday’s (1.5 Hour Slots): 10:30am-12pm 3-4yo Tee Ball, 10:30am-1:30pm (varies) 5-6yo Coach Pitch, 1:30pm-3pm 7-8 Coach Pitch
  • September 19-October 24th


Evergreen Playfield Complex
22205 56th Ave W Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043


  • 5-on-5 (5 players per team)
  • 30 Minute Practice Followed by a 1 Hour Game
  • 2 Games on the Field at a Time (20 total players)
  • Jersey with Name on Back
  • Focusing on Learning Fundamental Skills of Catching, Throwing, Hitting, Base Running, and Fielding by Real Coaches!
  • $150 (plus tax)

Here’s an example of what a day will consist of:

  1. Teams will arrive and begin a 5-minute warm up with their BASE by Pros Coaches.
  2. Once warmups finish, teams will begin their throwing/catching routine. This will be done every day for the six weeks, but will progressively be more challenging.
  3. After 10 minutes, they will go into 12 minutes of “Gameplay” practice of hitting off the tee and running to 1B. Again, this will progressively get more challenging as the weeks go on.
  4. The last 3 minutes of practice will consist of a mental skills discussion.
  5. After the team has finished their 30 minutes of practice, they will go into an hour of gameplay to finish the day.

In the hour of gameplay, each athlete will have 2 At Bats every inning. The defense will shift positions every 2 hitters to ensure each kid is learning a new position and is staying engaged in the game. The playing field will be condensed – relocated to the outfield – as we use the outfield fence to make the field as game-like as possible. This will help the athletes understand positioning and have a better sense of space on the field.  

Each athlete will need to bring the following:

  • Bat
  • Glove
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mask (for when social distancing becomes challenging)
  • Baseball Shoes (advised, but not required)

If there are any issues regarding equipment needs, feel free to reach out as we will have a limited amount of extra equipment available. Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to serve and give back to the younger generation of athletes. Due to difficult challenges this year, the younger athletes were never given a chance to compete and improve their game. We cannot wait to help further your athlete’s experience in the game of baseball.